Shanghai SIPAI Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Inspection and Testing Institute of Instruments and Automatic Systems

National Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion Protection and Safety of Instrumentation (NEPSI)

Shanghai SIPAI Instruments & Systems Co,. Ltd.

Shanghai Chenzhu Instruments Co., Ltd.

Shanghai SIPAI Process Instruments Engineering Co., Ltd.


Process Automation Intrumentation



Intelligent electronic components

Intelligent Communicator

Instrument Cabinet and Console

Portable Brake Tester

Isolation Barrier

Surge Protector

Signal Isolator

Brake Force Tester

Electronic Belt Conveyor Scale

Control Valves for Special Purposes

Calibration Bath

Test System for Mechanical Life-span

Radioisotope Thickness Measurement

Test System for Automobile instruments

Tube Furnace for Thermocouple Calibration

Level Gauge




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